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Gentleman, security agency Standard of Security!

We are glad to welcome you on bodyguard.com.ua

On these pages we want to present you Ukrainian security " Agency " Standard of Security " to tell about our services, successes, partners. So.

The commercial security service the Agency "Standard of Security" offers the services in protection collective, private, a state ownership and protection of citizens.

Private enterprise " Agency "Standard of Security " (a code - 32724690, license АА 869293, АА 869294 )

Geography of work: Kiev, Ukraine.

The basic directions:

  • Protection of objects and physical persons;
  • Editing of means of protection;
  • Marketing researches of the market of protection and safety.
  • Preparation and retraining of personnel borrowed in services of protection and safety.

Our principles:


In our company working employees with wide experience detective and security activity, it is former officers of police and the Security, officers of the Ministry of Defense, National guards. All personnel has had training special preparation and check. Each employee is borrowed in system of a professional training in ours "Master-club" .

High reliability of our protection.

It is provided with high professionalism of our employees, system of the multistage control of conditions on protected object and high-speed reaction of additional forces in case of an encroachment on object. Channels of emergency communication are necessarily duplicated. We are not subordinated to whom, except for our client.

The responsibility.

Agency "Standard of Security" bears a full liability for the values accepted under protection. Material assets of high cost and vulnerability are without fail insured by us.

Individual approach.

You do not become the hostage of patterns and a formalism. Each object, taken us under protection, is comprehensively studied by our experts for revealing weak spots and tactics of counteraction to criminals. The firm will inform you on complexities in protection, will make the detailed project of protection and all necessary documentation on the organization of modes, will help to organize anticriminal, antiterrorist preparation of your personnel.

Image of the client.

We sell all your wishes concerning to design of a uniform and equipment. Except for base complete sets of a uniform (the master, a master - modernist style, the cossack), we may develop the form individually for your enterprise. A manner of behaviour of our employees, their actions in various situations will be coordinated with image of your enterprise.

The decision of legal problems.

Not the secret, that hiring of protection frequently happens is caused by legal problems. At the conclusion of the contract our experts will develop the detailed plan of an output from crisis or if it is impossible, stabilization of a situation on long term.

The stable prices.

Cost of our services is defined by complexity of decided  problems and duration of term of the contract. There is a system of discounts. The prices may be reconsidered only in case of significant (over 15 %) fluctuations of a rate of hryvna.


Protection of objects with a high level of a criminal case. VIP persons and objects. Large objects on the sizes. Protection of exhibitions, concerts, religious actions, the selective companies. Hotels, shops, restaurants, night clubs, offices, industrial premises and warehouses. Not full list of that we had to protect successfully. Among other:

  • Association of international automobile carriers (AsMAP) of Ukraine.
  • The Kiev carload site.
  • The State committee on sports and tourism of Ukraine.
  • The National sports complex "Olympiyski"
  • The production Association "Kolos"
  • Joint-Stockcompany "Galychina". 

The company has significant experience on a safety at realization of cultural events. We provided protection: Ani Lorak, Joe Cocker, Andrey Kravchuk, advertising round Lucky Strike, all actions taking place on NSK "Olympiyski", numerous actions of private character.

Accompanying services.

Services of information, detective, expert, advisory character, legal support, performance of confidential assignments of the customer.

The engineering and technical equipment.

Manufacturing and installation of protection of windows. Lattices of all kinds, protective a venetian blind and a film. Manufacturing and installation of the equipment of check items. Turnstiles, revolving objects, places under protection, racks for the equipment, terminals for misses. Manufacturing and installation of protection of doors. Booking of door cloths. Installation intercoms. Strengthening of door boxes. Editing fire-control equipment any levels of complexity. If something we can not, our partners can.


Protection a synonym of preventive maintenance, however, without application of force at times to not do without, that entails legal problems. Our employees are ready to this. The firm knowledge of the rights, the turned out circuits of actions in " complex legal conditions " and resoluteness of our employees effectively allow to counteract any kinds "problems" strictly within the framework of laws in force.


Respect and trust of the client - the highest criterion and a basis of long life of the security company. We may leave or work long term, but the attitude to the information received from you, it will be identical - " Is accomplished confidentially ".

The prices for services

Agency "Standard of Security"

( all prices in hrynas without the VAT)

The Name of service The Price of service for 1 hour.
Sentry protection of stationary objects. 5.50
The Amplified (strengthened) protection of stationary objects. (VIP, problem objects) 10.00
Sentry protection of objects by service dogs 8.00
Maintenance about at realization of actions 10.00
The Safety of physical persons 15-50
Operative protection by group of fast reaction. (rate for 1 month) 550.00
Support of the machine with material assets the automobile with group of protection. (the Price for 1 kilometer of support. Delivery of group to a place of loading is not taken into account.) 5.00
Protection of the automobile with material assets on a way of his(its) following up to destination the security guard. (the Price for 1 kilometer of support.) 2.00
Protection of a lorry with material assets on parking. 5.50
Protection of the physical person accompanying a valuable cargo. 250.00



Into the price enters: 

  • a uniform at the choice of the client;
  • means of protection;
  • a communication facility;
  • legal consultation;
  • a call of group of fast reaction;
  • service dogs.

Mass actions it: concerts, sports competitions, meetings etc.

Protection of objects and physical persons for the term of less than one month is regarded with coefficient 1.5.

For everyone 3 posts the discount of 5 % from the sum of the contract.

Drawing up of the project of protection - free-of-charge.

The educational center " Standard of Security "

The educational Center - the Master Security - the not state educational institution. All-material resources available at us, the skilled teaching personnel, original, frequently non-conventional techniques of preparation allow to reach necessary result effectively and quickly.

Methodical ideas and personnel structure of the center has developed in the beginning of 90th years within the framework of 2-nd battalion of special purpose of National guards of Ukraine and then the Center of preparation спецназа НГУ. Alexander Anatol'evich Mihajljuk heads us as before
The basic directions of work of the Center are preparation and retraining of personnel borrowed in systems of a safety of business and the person. The concept of system of preparation "Master" can be formulated so: the Rate of preparation + a system training.

Distinctive feature of our techniques is their practical orientation. You study in that is really necessary for you!

System training - an indispensable element of system of preparation and maintenance of a due level of readiness of groups of protection to the decision of problems. Its purpose the further perfection of skills of the base rates received after passage.

Our rates:

Rate of preparation of employees of bodyguard with assignment of qualification. "Bodyguard" - "Bodyguard-instructor" - "Chief of the personal of security"

  • Tactics of security actions
  • Fire-fight
  • Hand-to-hand fight
  • Technical maintenance of protection
  • Basic law knowledge
  • First medical helpness
  • Professional psychology
  • The Complex test - examination on professional suitability

Audit of a system effectiveness of safety (protection) of the enterprise.

Creation of a security (protection) "In complex completely"

The Rate of preparation - " Personal safety "

The Rate of preparation - " the Instructor on fitness " (a technique of Master - club)

The Rate of preparation - " the Instructor in children's safety " (a technique the Master - club)

Training - seminars.

  • Realization complex the test of examination.
  • Emergency medicine.
  • Search of explosives.
  • Tactics of security actions.
  • Fire-fight.
  • Hand-to-hand fight.
  • Engineering of a security.
  • Legal aspects of security activity.
  • Protection of the information.
  • Fire-prevention preparation.
  • Search and rescue preparation.

Conditions of realization of seminars.
Time: 6-8 class periods. Number of participants in group: 10-12 persons.
Periodicity: In process of formation of groups. 

Material base -financially: it Is specialized in a subject of a seminar 
Techniques: Original "Master security"

Cost: 250 - 400 hrv. To groups - discounts.

Participants will receive: the Collection of methodical materials on a subject of a seminar on CD and the certificate on passage of a seminar.

Participants have the right: To pass examination for reception of the International certificate on a subject of a seminar.

The additional information on the educational center on a site: bodyguard.com.ua

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